However, as Ioannidis and Khoury described in their article “Impr

However, as Ioannidis and Khoury described in their article “Improving Validation PND-1186 research buy Practices in ‘Omics’ Research” (Ioannidis and Khoury 2011), there are numerous and challenging steps to be taken to translate “Omics” research into health care, i.e., to present solid scientific evidence to support recommendations and actions. We would like to thank our international expert guests for giving their time and care to make this special issue possible. We would also like to thank the peer reviewers for their valuable contributions. References Cornel M, El C, Borry P (2012) The challenge of implementing genetic tests with clinical utility while avoiding unsound applications. J Community Genet. doi:10.​1007/​s12687-012-0121-1

Darst BF, Madlensky L, Schork NJ et al (2013) Characteristics of genomic test consumers who spontaneously share results with their health care provider. Health Commun.

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“Erratum to: J Community Genet DOI 10.

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